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#1 What is a Cambodia Trade?

Cambodia Trade is an electronic platform and a business model that brings together sellers and customers meet each other for their products. The e-marketplace is a self-sustaining, price-competitive model that drives down prices on those assortments. Simply, it is a location where people regularly go to gather for the purchase and sale of products and services.

#2 What is the aim of Cambodia Trade?

The aim of Cambodia Trade is to improve purchase order efficiency and help customers by reducing complex, paper-based transactions between customers and sellers.

Your customers do not have much time to go to physical stores and make purchases in person especially if your customers are at oversea. They would rather open up their computers and mobile devices through the internet in order to access products and the leading brands from across the globe.

#3 How does Cambodia Trade work?

Cambodia Trade acts as a digital middleman, bringing together customers and sellers to efficiently conduct transactions. Customers get a choice in what they would like to buy, and sellers get a variety of customers to sell to.

#4 Who can sell on Cambodia Trade?

You are potentially qualified to sell on Cambodia Trade if you provide products or services relates to agriculture, environmentally friendly products, non-timber forest products or fisheries products…). You may choose to buy and sell products either to other businesses or to the final consumers.

#5 Why do I need to sell on Cambodia Trade?

The major advantage of choosing to sell products on Cambodia Trade is getting your products in front of a lot of eyes. The obvious
reason is increasing sales, but there are other reasons too. Let’s look at the top reasons for sale on Cambodia Trade:

·         Increasing sales: the obvious benefit of expanding to e-marketplace is the potential to make more sales and increase profit.

·         Growing your brand: many people find a product they like on e-marketplace and then buy from it directly. Plus, the more that customers see a certain brand, the more familiar it becomes to them and they are more likely to buy or recommend to their friends.

#6 How can I join Cambodia Trade?

Interested SMEs base in Cambodia need to fill in a registration form and submit to the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce (MoC). Thereafter, the MoC will select based on criterion in order to provide technical capacity building for sale on

#7 How long would it take to be selected for sale on Cambodia Trade?

It would take about 3-4weeks to process the selection based on the criteria.

#8 How can I find out more about Cambodia Trade?

You can
get all the latest information and follow updates on our social media. Check out the Facebook or follow on Twitter and Instagram. Please help us spread the word by sharing our posts and inviting your partners and other SMEs to join.

#9 Does Cambodia Trade charge a fee?

No, it is a free of charge.

#10 How should I determine shipping costs?

It is often easier and more accurate to leave exact shipping-cost calculations—both to you and your customer—to the carrier you use. The major carriers will calculate shipping costs for you. On the other hand, you may want to consider offering free shipping if you can afford it.

#11 What makes a successful Cambodia Trade?

The most important value proposition of Cambodia Trade is to deliver high-quality supply to customers in the most efficient and effective manner.

#12 Am I ready to sell on Cambodia Trade?

Ask yourself these five questions to start sale on e-marketplace:
  1. Are your prices adequate?

Your price needs to accommodate materials, payment processing or shipping costs

  1. Are your marketing materials at the ready?

Taking the time to write descriptions and investing in the best product photos you can afford will have the biggest impact on convincing potential customers to click that “buy” button.

  1. How much time will I need to put into this Cambodia Trade?

Cambodia Trade is not your sales representative, you are the only person qualified to find your customers and bring them to your shop, so that puts you in charge of marketing efforts.

  1. Do I have time and capacity to manage and fulfill orders consistently?

Knowing how long it takes you to fulfill orders and produce more inventory can help you gauge what kind of commitment you’ll need to make to this selling channel.

#13 What skills do I need for sale on Cambodia Trade?

All selected SMEs will receive technical capacity building on how to access and manage their link on Cambodia Trade. Thereafter, the communication and digital marketing skills can drive success that SMEs need to have these kinds of human resources—writing the description content of the products which is the ability to communicate online. In addition, writing skill is the design including photo taking of your products to attract eye catching when display on e-marketplace.

#14 How do I create the best product photos and descriptions?

Online shoppers do not get to see, touch, feel or smell your products, so the next best thing is a clear product photo with description. Written product descriptions should be short, yet rich with enough interesting details to pique customer interest. Try to use compelling adjectives and phrases that evoke an emotion when someone reads your description. In addition to noting the price, you may want to include product uses, dimensions and other defining characteristics.